Stretch and StrengthenYourself 

Use movement like yoga, core and glute strength and foam rolling to build flexibility and strength of body and mind through practicing structured poses under the guidance of experienced professionals.


Treat Yourself

To a Massage

Whether you are suffering from physical pain or just want to escape from a world of too much stress, you don't really need a reason to receive bodywork

Skincare Studio and Spa

Timeless Bliss

Rejuvenate your skin, mind, body, and soul! 


Whether you are interested in arts, crafts, or health and wellness, Kula's unique workshop schedule has many exciting offerings to choose from year round.


From delicious dinners to rollicking Old Time Jams, Kula's events celebrate the talents and gifts of Brasstown's eclectic community.


136 Emily Lane

 Brasstown, NC 28902


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